Andres Hermosilla I’m a designer turned software engineer primarily focused on web services with a strong mix of security. I’m very curious about how things work, and have been as long as I remember. As a kid, whenever something would break, I would take it a part to see what was inside (my parents would not be fond of me taking apart working things).


Like many individual who enter software from the design world, I started with PHP, JS & CSS. I started working at marketing agencies and eventually landed a job doing full-time software (no more design) at Barracuda Networks. Before Barracuda I had only ssh’ed into a server twice - now I use linux-on-desktop (for my personal machine). My opportunity to learn new things exploded and the rest is history. I’ve written web services in every dynamic language that people use (JS/node.js,Python,Ruby,PHP) and still love PHP.

This Site

I realized I needed a place to archive some of the things I’ve learned so that other people, including my future self, can learn from my experiences! Many of my posts will be “living posts” with content updating as I learn more on the topic!