• find directory on windows

    cd \
    dir openssl /AD /s

  • Setup Windows 10 in Azure Have an environment for testing apps without running a VM

    RDP The other day I needed to test a Windows application, but I’m using a Mac. If you need to audit/test a Windows application on a Mac or Linux box, Microsoft provides some developer VM images you can use for free . I went ahead and downloaded the VM image for VirtualBox and starting the VM. I allocated 3 cores and 8GB of RAM thinking that should be enough power to test reasonably (I’m using MacBook …

  • Inspecting Windows with cli! ... Windows isn't all that bad

    I’m pretty green when it comes to knowledge of windows commands & cli tools. From the security perspective, a large percent of businesses/corporations run windows on their platform, so some basic tools to introduce ideas is helpful! With the command line you can use wmic or powershell to utilize WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) which can give you insight into all sorts of things about your system! - - - Get Windows Version ```shell > wmic os …